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Charter a Super Yacht, The Long Ranger.

Leave the grey, claustrophobic concrete canyons behind, and cruise among the vivid colours of South East Asian waters with the Long Ranger Yacht. Take your last gasp of the toxic emissions of city life, and savour the fragrance of an oceanic isle, redolent of all the aromas of the tropics: frangipani blossoms, pungent spices and round brown maidens.

Yacht Long Ranger Singapore: A three-hulled trimaran, built in New Zealand. Long Ranger is 90 feet long, 35 feet beam, displaces 65 tonnes, sails comfortably at 10 knots (18.5 km/h) in a brisk breeze, but can also voyage at 10 knots under her twin engines when the wind dies.

The Long Ranger can carry up to 37 guests for a day sail in Singapore waters, or 18 in air conditioned comfort for liveaboard extended trips…more if families bring children who will be more interested in rolling out their sleeping bags on deck under the stars.

Long Ranger, as befits her name, can sail far afield to uninhabited glowing isles set in an azure sea from Singapore, well below the far horizon, and this is the magical way to travel…to discover gleaming beaches and turquoise lagoons too far away for the corruption of progress and development to reach.

Or if a day sail is all you can manage, then cruise to our favourite beaches in the East of Singapore (Coney Island) Our Favourite Beaches and to the South of Singapore, Lazarus Bay or Pulau Seringat (whichever way you would like to call it!) Favourite Beach South Singapore

Charter the Long Ranger Yacht…Adventure awaits!

Types of Charters

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trimaran Yacht Long Ranger
Yacht Long Ranger Dining
Long Ranger Dinning
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