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Activities – Yacht in Singapore offers

On a day trip in Singapore waters, we sail if the wind is fresh, frolic in the moving boom-net when the wind dies (which happens often in Singapore waters). We anchor at our favourite_beach for kayaking, roaming on the beach and relaxing. Even at anchor the boom-net can be an attraction for active youngsters and happy drunks…a sanctuary where they cannot float away, nor sink into the depths.

On an extended voyage of exploration, the opportunities are endless. On serious sail-training trips the young students learn to navigate, to steer the vessel and maintain a proper watch and to set and trim the sails. When they discover, through their own efforts, at dawn on the second day, a misty island peak dead ahead on an otherwise empty horizon, the achievement inspires hi-fives all around.

At the islands, we go snorkeling and kayaking around the blue lagoons, trek to a dizzy eyrie for a view of our ship at anchor far below, and scramble up a pinnacle to abseil 50m down with a stunning view laid out below. On a dark night we set up our reflecting telescope on a beach to view the mountains of the Moon, the moons of Jupiter, and the rings of Saturn. On a 5-7 day voyage there can be time to spend one day in the shade of a coco-palm, with a good book and a cooler of beer.

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Island Rock walk from Above threelads1