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Dinner & Dance on a Sailing Yacht in Singapore

Anniversary Parties/ Cruise

Anniversaries are a time to celebrate. So why not do it in style and make it a memorable one not only for you but also for your guests!

Various anniversaries and what they are called:

1st paper

10th tin

2nd cotton

15th crystal

3rd leather

20th china

4th silk

25th silver

5th wood

30th pearl

6th iron

35th coal or jade

7th copper

40th ruby

8th bronze

45th sapphire

9th pottery

50th gold


Sunset Cruise or High Tea Cruise

Hire the charter yacht to enjoy all the activities in broad daylight and then watch the orange red skies when the sun sets (we promise there will be no high-rise building in your way!) Once it gets dark, you may proceed with the lavish buffet dinner and then dance away the night….

Romantic dinner cruise and Overnight trips:

Be it in flamboyant style or simply looking for some fun, some sport and some leisure, choose to sail in our luxury yacht for your cruising pleasure in Singapore and the open waters of South East Asia.

The 90 Foot Super Yacht Trimaran LongRanger

Step onboard and leave the rest to our experienced Captain and crew to take care of you and your guests. Enjoy the delectable buffet and the drink of your choice while feeling the breeze on your face……

Incentive-trip6 Wedding Table
dinner-dance5 dinner-dance6
Dinner Dance Dinner and drinks on deck