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Magical Island Destinations Around Singapore. 

Mapur Island Destination indonesia Map

Travel – Island Destinations South east asia and beyond on The Long Ranger Yacht.

One Day Sail: We usually stop at our favorite beach for activities where the water is clearer than anywhere else around Singapore and the sand of the beach is pure. You would not know we were near Singapore except for the distant city scape just visible over the trees top. On a weekday we always have this hideaway to ourselves as it's only yachts like us who can get there. See our one day cruise and Our Favourite beaches.

Pulau Aur Map Island Destinations

Couple of Days Sail: Regrettably Singapore is not well placed for a two-day weekend trip…there are no beautiful tropic isles within feasible distances, but there are several fabulous destinations if one can take a little longer:

Mapur Island: The closest paradise to Singapore – sail 7 hours across the azure sea after Indonesian formalities at Nongsa Point. 

Pulau Aur – 3 day trip: this can be done in two and a half days with a bit of a rush. This is truly a beautiful place with lots to do.

The Leeward Isles 5 – 7 day trip: This magical little archipelago, completely uninhabited, is truly the captain’s favourite island group in all the tropic seas…and he has seen hundreds!

Weather: Pulau Aur and the Leeward Isles lie in the S. China Sea, pleasantly accessible during the South Monsoon months April to October. During the NE Monsoon, Dec to March, this area becomes unpleasant and we migrate to Langkawi and Phuket, in The Andaman Sea. Here the weather is perfect for three months, brisk, offshore breezes in fairly calm water. We have some wonderful adventures in this beautiful area, including exploring a cave 500m long, with caverns with spectacular limestone formations, and all by kayak!…with head-lamps and life-jackets. See <Langkawi/Thai>