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Pulau Aur in a Super Yacht The Long Ranger.

Pulau Aur is a 12 hour sail from SINgapore with Long Ranger Yacht. We set off in the evening across the open ocean. Pulau Aur is an ideal destination for a 3 day weekend, or even for a rushed normal weekend, departing on Friday afternoon.

We arrive in the morning light and anchors in the channel between Pulau Aur & Pulau Dayang.

Climbing Batu Berhala "Idol's Rock" at Pulau Aur in the South China Sea

At Pulau Aur is a rock mass in the South China Sea. Batu Berhala is huge 34m rock that requires serious hiking to reach its sky-line which offers a fantastic view.

Traverse along Batu Berhala sloping cracked face offers a fabulous 360 panoramic view of the sea and surrounding Islands. Pulau Dayang, Pulau Lang, Pulau Tinggi, Malaysian Main Land and the small town Kampung Batu Berhala

The crawl between the cracks are ideal for people between the ages to 10 and fit 60.

Abseiling and Kayaking on Pulau Aur.

Novices start on the Nursery Slope of 10 degrees, With sufficient experience, climbers begin to hang over the edge. For further experienced climbers you will be able to swing free down an overhanging vertical wall.